Because of the increasing lack of time to translate all the website's content to english we decided to set up the english essentials to provide non-german speaking people a summary of our activities.



Live: Vision 2003

Vision 2003 During Whitsuntide the yearly meeting of some fans of the C64, the best-selling home-computer of all times took place - the VISION 2003. We were also there and captured some impressions.

Live: Vision 2003, english, 22:36 min

Live: Vision 2003 Trailer

Vision 2003 Trailer Trailer for our report from the VISION 2003.

Live: Vision 2003 Trailer, english, 00:38 min

Live: Amiga & Retro Computing 2002

Amiga & Retro Computing 2002 On 7th und 8th of Dezember 2002 the Amiga fair named "Amiga & Retro Computing 2002" took place in Aachen, Germany. Of course Virtual Dimension was on site again to get some impressions. Amongst other things, in this video we show the release-version of MorphOS, we were at a concert of the new-wave-band Welle: Erdball and we interviewed hardware designer Jeri Ellsworth.

Live: ARC 2002, englisch, 21:09 min

Live: Amiga 2001

Amiga 2001 On November, 17th and 18th the yearly "Amiga 2001" took place in Mediapark Cologne, Germany again. The highlight was the intoduction of the new Pegasos board of bplan, the first Amiga motherboard since 1993.

Live: Amiga 2001, english, 25:07 min


Songs 'For Fun'

Name Size Composer
Trancevision 3.8 MB Hurrican

Songs from our "Live" videos (a small collection)

MP3 format
Name Size Composer
Vision 2003 Track 3 4.7 MB Atroxis
Amiga 2001 - Dream of Light 5.7 MB Atroxis
Amiga 2001 - Extro 1.7 MB Atroxis

C= 64 SID remixes

MP3 format
Name Size Original by Remixed by
Lightforce (Power Remix) 4.0 MB Rob Hubbard Atroxis
Way of the Exploding Fist 2
 (Snippet von Remix64 V2)
0.9 MB Neil Brennan Atroxis
Parallax (Snippet von Remix64 V2) 0.9 MB Martin Galway Atroxis


Name Size Description Composer
It doesn't mind 44 kB WALLS title song Tonic
Brick 114 kB WALLS ingame song Atroxis
Nice dreams 79 kB WALLS ingame song Tonic
Beautiful world 90 kB WALLS ingame song Atroxis
Harpyie 66 kB WALLS ingame song Atroxis & Tonic
Take it easy 45 kB WALLS highscore song Tonic
Hall of Fame 65 kB WALLS extro song Tonic
Blast 96 kB A story in mods (1/4) Atroxis
The Escape 218 kB A story in mods (2/4) Atroxis
Lost in Time 112 kB A story in mods (3/4) Atroxis
Back to the Future 136 kB A story in mods (4/4) Atroxis
Exitor 186 kB quite big :-) Atroxis
Inside 227 kB first quiet, then brisk Atroxis
Hypnopaedia 120 kB atmospheric mod with drums Atroxis
Point of no Return 181 kB Enigma like Atroxis
Seaweed & Starfish 164 kB quiescent underwater track Atroxis
Trip into Fantasy 129 kB nice, quiet track Atroxis



Download: Bombsquare.lha | System: AmigaOS (ECS/AGA) | Released: 1999

Othello - Das virtuelle Brettspiel

Download: Othello.lha | System: AmigaOS (ECS/AGA) | Released: 1999

Walls - The 97-Edition

Download: Walls97.lha | System: AmigaOS (ECS/AGA) | Released: 1998